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Why igloorooms

igloorooms is a new SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) booking technology developed to empower hotels. With the progress of technology, guests seeking instant booking confirmation, and the complexity/cost of developing fully fledged booking systems, most hotels find themselves at the mercy of OTAs (Online Travel Agencies like Expedia, Hotels.com, Booking.com, etc.), paying them high commission rates and showing a poor online customer experience on the official hotel website.

We have been dealing with bookings and reselling room nights for hotels from around the world since 1997. So we decided it’s time to introduce igloorooms, offering a full suite of services to hotels, way beyond a booking engine. So the hotel can benefit from:

– iBOOK to offer instant booking on the hotel website and Facebook page
– iSPACE to revamp the old website and use the latest SEO techniques
– iCHANNEL to save time updating multiple OTA and optimize occupancy
– iSOCIAL to rely on our social media gurus and promote direct bookings
Why igloorooms