Websites for Hotels - iSPACE

Offering online booking inside an old, non-responsive website wouldn’t help much! So hotels wishing to upgrade their website can now rely on iSPACE, our ready-made website framework. In just few hours, you will start enjoying a trendy web design, mobile-friendly pages, SEO for higher ranking on search engines, and a content management system part of your same extranet.

Beyond Easy

No HTML, no complex menus, no separate login. Manage your website from within the same extranet. Dazzle your audience with your stunning images, add new pages or update your content within minutes and free up some time. The days of waiting for your web developer to implement your updates and paying more money are gone. Finished!

Non-Stop SEO

Your website is engineered to maximize Search Engine Optimization techniques and move your brand to the top of search engine results pages. We continuously evolve our code to adapt the latest SEO techniques and keep you on top. If you’re not found, guests will not book direct, very simple!

Cloud Hosting

We do not compromise on a smoothly running and extraordinarily performing website. With N+1 redundancy throughout our entire infrastructure, all single points of failure have been eliminated. If a component fails, another immediately takes its place. This means that you’ll never lose any sleep (or bookings!) because of faulty hardware.