Channel Manager - iCHANNEL

Updating rates, allotment and inventory on different channels can be very time consuming. This task is normally performed several times a day, especially when new bookings are generated from a certain OTA, so the hotelier has to reduce inventory on the remaining ones and then repeat the same task over and over again. You’ve got it: it’s unbearable!

iCHANNEL is an add-on module to your igloorooms extranet which will handle,

  • communicating your pooled inventory to all your signed up OTAs/channels to sell as many rooms as possible, without the risk of overbooking,
  • aggregating bookings back into your extranet so you don’t have to login to your OTAs to manage bookings and,
  • feeding back the updated availability to all channels.
iCHANNEL by igloorooms

Consolidate Reservations

Retrieve your reservations through iCHANNEL and consolidate them into your extranet for quick viewing and statistics. We also offer an API if you want them delivered into your PMS.

Save Precious Time

24 hours a day, our channel manager will worry about updating rates and inventory across all your channels through our unique 2-way XML connectivity. Avoid overbooking and frustration.

Reach Challenging Markets

Different online agents work with different types of travelers. By using a channel manager, you can partner with a wide variety of agents and begin introducing your property to travelers from every corner of the world.

Maximize Bookings

Increase your revenue by effortlessly giving a diverse range of agents the ability to sell your rooms.