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igloorooms hotel booking system

igloorooms is a new SaaS concept developed to empower hotels. Entirely self-financed and consistently profitable, management comprises an expert and award-winning team with decades of experience in technology research, in the hospitality industry, in internet consultancy and in enterprise-level software development.

We have been dealing with bookings and reselling room nights for hotels from around the world. However, with the progress of technology, guests seeking instant booking confirmation, and the complexity/cost of developing full fledged booking systems, most hotels find themselves at the mercy of OTAs (Online Travel Agency), paying them high commission rates and showing a poor online customer experience on the official hotel website.

igloorooms' objective is to empower hotels with one of the most user-friendly booking systems at affordable prices. We believe in a win-win-win scenario, with guests enjoying quality online encounters with hotels, hotels taking full control over their online booking and pricing strategy, and us paving the way through constant improvement of the booking platform.

Booking System Features

Take control of your online guest experience

igloorooms hotel booking system relies on a scalable platform and a future proof coding techniques. The Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) method allows rapid growth and the possibility of easily catering to unmet needs as feedback arrives from hoteliers around the world.

Main Features

Multi Currency: Guests can book using their preferred currency while the hotel assigns rooms rates based on his base currency.

Multi Lingual: English is used as default and the interface is translated into several languages. Feel free to send us your hotel version or request our translation service.

Amenities: Select from a comprehensive list of amenities (property, room, services, activities).

Room Categories and Room Types: Assign different room categories which will be subject to allotment and add one or more room types underneath.

Food Arrangement: Sell your room based on a specific food arrangement and provide your guests the ability to upgrade.

Extra Beds: Sophisticated extra bed options including limitation, age and pricing.

Cancellation Terms: Variable and seasonal cancellation and pre-payment terms.

Payment Options: Take offline credit cards, use PayPal or let us integrate your payment gateway.

Rates and Allotment per Night: Use bulk updates or assign room rates and allotment on a per night basis.

Booking Conditions: Set Minimum Length of Stay, Stop Sale and add Special Notes to your rates calendar.

Promotion Options: No refund deals, discounts, value-added services and last minute savings.

Guest Account Management: Your guests can sign in to their account to review bookings and make changes.

Your booking channels

Seamless integration of the booking widget inside your website so all the process happens within your domain name. We'll just send you one line to code that you need to save inside a new web page.
The same easy-to-use booking screens can be used right from your Facebook page and will be accessible through a new tab. Cool huh?
Not happy with your current site? We'll be happy to provide you with a fully integrated online presence having a trendy look. Benefit from our SaaS model and pay only a minimal monthly fee.


A glimpse of various screens showing the front and back office

All Front-End Back-office

Pricing Structure

We fit your size

The following rates depend on your accommodation size. It includes usage of the booking system inside your website, a Free website if you don't have one and usage inside your Facebook page. We assume the hotel can provide all texts and images.



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Additional Services

Fully integrated website: $20/month

Editorial: $25/page

Content translation: $25/page